Ticket Resale 762

Hello, if you are looking for tickets, or have purchased tickets you can not use, please leave a comment below or reply to a ticket posting. All comments must be approved by our administrator before they are published live.

Tickets are allowed to be resold for their cost only ($35 each). If you hear of tickets being sold for more, please alert us immediately. Thank you.

Please be aware of the following related to ticket resale:

Ticket holders: Your entire ticket order has been assigned one unique bar code. This bar code will be scanned at event checkin and you will be given the corresponding number of wristbands required to board the train. If you choose to resell all of your tickets, you may print your ticket receipt with the bar code and give this to the person purchasing your tickets. If you would like to sell some but not all of your tickets, you will need to check-in on event day, pick up your wristbands, and make arrangements to exchange the wristbands with the purchaser of your tickets.

Thank you for your support of the Immaculate Conception School’s  North Pole Express!


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